my neighbors just cant believe that i am pregnant after i received GP report that i need a surgery to remove my uterus due to endometriosis...whenever am home i just strip and take a picture of my pregnant tummy and i cant stop thanking Dr iyare for bringing long smiles to my face with his pregnancy spell. сладкое сердце from russia

i gave my husband two sons after much 4 years pressure from his family to leave me due to my infertility problems. now he just cant stop loving me and i wont stop thank Dr. Iyare for healing me. Mrs Joanne rio from Texas USA

I want to give a very big thanks to Dr Iyare for helping me get pregnant and now i have a baby girl from my womb and i am heavy with a boy inside of me. i am married for 7 years and i couldn't get pregnant because of fibroid , i became very confused and frustrated because my womb will soon be cut off by surgery.i contacted dr. Iyare and he gave me Healing spell from his temple to drink and he also gave my husband just water to drink before we made love. i am very grateful to him. Mrs Sandra from Australia


I have found through experience that casting spells really works, the only person who can really affect the outcome, and make it work, is dr iyare, i now believe that only your spell can heal all barren women and also thank you for making me the star of my community. i now advice my friends not to go for surgery but to use a Healing spell, I testify of this powerful spell caster... Carolyn from Kuwait